Republica Dominicana

Board of Directorors

The National Free Zones Council is an organization integrated by representatives of the public and private sectors. Article 20 of Law 8-90 establishes the members that compose the Board of Directors:

  • The Secretary of State of Industry and Commerce, who will preside
  • The Secretary of State of Finance; The General Director of Pro Industria
  • The Executive Director of the Center of Export and Investment of the Dom. Rep. (CEI-RD)
  • The Executive Director of the National Free Zones Council, who will be the Secretary with authority to speak without voting
  • Two representatives of the Free Zone Operators, freely elected by all Operators of the country (with the exception of those free zones controlled and operated by Pro Industria). The designation of each member shall be for a period of two years and shall be rotated.
  • Two representatives from the Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA), freely elected among them for two years and subject to rotation
  • A Member of the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO)

Invited for special occasions to participate with voice but no vote are:

  • The Secretary State of Labor
  • The General Customs Director
  • The General Director of Internal Taxes
  • The General Director of the Dominican Institute of Social Security
  • The Executive Director of the National Institute of Technical and Professional Training ("INFOTEP").

The Council meets regularly according to its needs. Ordinary sessions are scheduled once every thirty (30) days. Decision-making is valid with the presence of half plus one of its members. Final voting is valid with the favorable vote of half plus one of the members. In the case of a tie, the decision made by the President of the Council will be considered.


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