Republica Dominicana

Installation Permit of a New Free Zone Park

All requests must be deposited in writing, with the company letterhead paper, RNC number, address, phone and fax numbers. It must be duly directed to the Executive Direction of the National Free Zones Council, signed by the president and/or the person properly authorized by the company.

When the company or park is already in operation it should include its stamp.

The request must be deposited at the National Free Zones Council, with the following documents:

  1. Five (05) copies of the technical-economic feasibility project.
  2. Legal titles of property of the lot(s), where the project will be installed, specifying the superficial extension of the lot(s), the adjacent properties, a copy of the plans of the census of real property of the country (reduced).
  3. Copy of the plans of the infrastructure of the park, properly authorized by the state secretarial of public constructions and the Municipal Government, such as area for warehouses, custom office, medical dispensary, cafeteria, etc.
  4. Copy of the blueprints of the type of buildings to be made.
  5. Academic and business background of the main executives that manage or will manage the operations of the company.
  6. Certified check to the order of “Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas de Exportación”, for processing.

The request must be reviewed previously by the Technical Department of the National Free Zones Council.

For additional information:

Departamento of Free Zones and Parks

Lic. Rubén Darío Ulerio


Tel. (809) 686-8077 Ext. 276 y 314

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